ritratti d’Ischia 2013

In August 2013 I stayed in Ischia, a smallish Island in Italia.  I lived the vacation/island life with the Sinisi family, at their precious villa.  I studied their particular habits, different styles, and most of all, the diverse features of their faces. It gave me the chance I’d been needing to get away from my regular life, and just paint… and to expand my development of new techniques and new styles. 

Sinisi Family Portraits


Most of these paintings were drawn in what I call ¨blind design.¨ I looked at the face as I draw, not at the paper. Sometimes I would look down to orient my pen, and then look at the person I was drawing again before resuming design. I found that it catches the essence of each person, and helped me not to get bogged down by details. 



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