Mini Portraits

Send me a photo of the portrait you’d like painted and I’ll let you know what I think, ask you a few questions about what you have in mind, and then I’ll get started. 

For mini – portrait paintings 1 or 2 persons only! Some ideas might be:  Mother & Child, Lovers, Best Friends, Dogs & Cats, Pregnancy, Retro photo,  or anyone you’d like!


  • 30 x 30 cm – 50 euros
  • 40 x 40 cm – 70 euros
  • or ask about other formats

PLUS shipping costs, which varies from country to country (mails from USA). 

What To Do:

1. Send email to Chepinatik@gmail.com with

  • an attached photo of the painting you’d like done.
  • size you’d like of miniature portrait
  • mailing address (to verify shipping costs)

2. Wait for a response email, with instructions on payment instructions

3.  Receive your hand painted portrait in the mail. All paintings will be shipped inside of a mailing tube to ensure protection. 

This can be chef’s selection, meaning: you entrust me with the art here and you get to be surprised by what you find in the mail! Or, you can see photos of the painting as it progresses. Be sure to check out my paintings on lovelucion.wordpress.com to get a feel for my style!




One thought on “PORTRAITS // RETRATOS

  1. love your work, and the price is beyond reasonable!!!! you could double or even triple these prices and I’d think you were being very fair.

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