This is an oil mural that I painted in Naramata, British Columbia (Canada).

I lived in a rustic old shack near the bottom of a gorge, in the middle of an orchard. I was spending the summer picking fruit and this shack was where the workers lived – sleeping in tents outside and partying inside. One night in the fall, just at the end of apple season, everyone started tripping acid. I waited a few days and then at 4 am my time came. I sucked the sugar cube ands its foil, sat in front of the fire and waited. I remember the flames dancing  and a  sinking into my chair sensation, but nothing ¨drug like.¨ So, rather bored, I got up and started painting over a yellow spiral on the wall. I didn’t stop painting until that night.

The next day our Welsch boss came in to see what we had done to our workers shack and said it had to come down, we’d have to paint it white… But this painting came to be a symbol for the pickers, I believe, and when I returned to BC the next year, it was still there waiting to be finished.

The next summer in 2010, I remembered that during my (rather dull) acid trip, that I had envisioned a deep sky, stars and apples falling from the sky. So I continued the mural by adding the blue stars, moon cycles and film border.

2009-2010 NARAMATA


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