L’hibou Quebecois!

Oil on Wood Panel // Oleo sobre panel de madera 2010

This an oil painting on a wooden door in Sherbrooke, Québec (Canada). I was in Montreal for a month and this was the only mural I was contracted to do. It was during a party, and  it only took a few hours at night.

C’est une pinture d’huile sur la porte d’une amie, Kate,  à Sherbrooke, Québec. J’étais à Montréal pendant un mois et ce fut la peinture murale que j’ai faite. C’était au cours d’une fête à la maison et il n’a fallu que quelques heures.

I had a lot of fun painting this because it was a quick job & I already knew that I’d be painting an owl… the only pressure was painting while people rushed through the scenario while I was painting with oils. Big NO NO! Kate loved it, so that’s all that matters! I’m honored to have left my mark in Québec.


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